rad album covers + rad album contents

About a year ago, I saw this post floating around on Tumblr of a compilation of awesome album covers. Ever since, I’ve had this draft on my blog of the rad album covers that I have encountered. One of my friends (hi Mara!) actually asked me to recommend some Korean hiphop/rnb/rap songs! I decided that I should just get it over with and finally create this post that has been on the back burner for about a year now. Please enjoy the playlist I created of my favorites songs from this list of “rad album covers + rad album contents” (playlist link on Spotify) as you stare at the beauty that is music. 

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how I prep for a study session | uni series

Like always, most of my posts have been revolved around requests from people I know. People I know, you know who you are! (Since it’s nearing finals week, I thought it was a good idea to finally upload this seeing as it has been sitting for about a month now.)

I am definitely not the best person to ask for about study advice, but I think that’s what makes me relatable. I am a procrastinator and a perfectionist. I think many of us can agree that you’re either one or the other, or both! Here are my tips on how I study intensively as a procrastinator and perfectionist. This studying style is more tailored for exam week, or just any study session that needs to be fulfilled asap. I don’t study like this every time I review some notes. This is just what I do when I need to do some efficient studying (aka “early cramming”). Hopefully some of these can help you. If not, maybe they’ll give you inspiration on creating your own study format! 

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HAZY | a playlist

Over the past year, I created a magnificent playlist of some great KRnB/KHiphop songs. I’m so in love with this playlist that I just had to share it with you guys! This playlist consists of songs that are very hazy, songs that are very chill, full of beats and smooth voices. Just, songs that are very well produced.  Continue reading “HAZY | a playlist”